Mission, Vision, Values

Durham Community Legal Clinic (DCLC)

Strategic Plan 2023-2027


DCLC work is informed by these core values:
Community Collaboration: working purposefully with clients, community organizations and the community.
Client-centered: providing high quality service to clients based on their individual needs.
Respect: demonstrating meaningful respect for clients and their communities.
Accessible: ensuring services and working environments are meaningful and usable for as many people as possible.
Dignity: providing an environment of inclusiveness and belonging.
Access to justice: challenging systemic norms to promote innovative models of providing social justice.
Integrity: acting consistently with honesty, ethics, transparency, and fairness.
Diversity: demonstrating a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, where differences are valued, respected, and used to drive social change.


A community where all residents have equal access to justice through legal education, engagement, representation, and empowerment.


Engaging our low-income community by providing access to quality, informed legal services and by advocating for social justice.